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  • Musicians is exactly "<a href="">Katsoulis Vangelis</a>: keyboards, piano and percussion <br />Fresu Paolo: trumpet, flugelhorn <br />Hofseth Bendik: soprano and tenor saxophone<br /><a href="">Farazis Takis</a>: piano<br />Andersen Arild: bass <br />Wertico Paul: drums and percussion <br />Nikoloudi Tanya: vocals <br /><a href="">Tsabropoulos Vassilis</a>: piano<br />Ivanovitch Vojislav: guitar <br /><a href="">Kourtis Petros</a>: percussion and drums <br /><a href="">Panagiotopoulos Spyros</a>: drums <br /><a href="">Anthimos Apostolis</a>: drums <br />Ekmektsoglou Yiannis: el. guitar"
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