The idea

Jazz music has appeared in Greece since the 1920s and has already completed a whole century of cultural heritage. The discography is very rich, there is a very dynamic scene that is constantly fueled with new artists, while new venues for live music and festivals are appearing throughout the country.

Many magazines, interviews, articles and radio shows, outline the course of improvised music in the country. In recent years the level of education has been upgraded, both with the Department of Improvised Music of the Ionian University, and with the various music schools and conservatories, so that it complies with the modern standards of the famous institutions in Europe and the USA. Nevertheless, there was no website to gather the scattered and incomplete information about the journey of this music in Greece.

Up to now there was not a "digital center" for the jazz aficionados, where they would look up to learn, to obtain news and information, but also for the journalist, the researcher and the teacher, who would like to use for their work original cultural material with complete and valid data.

This necessity for such a digital center, brought the idea for the creation of the Jazz Library, a modern portal whose goal is to collect and present systematically and in an easy-to-use way all this information and to remain constantly updated.